Commercial: Wattyl (Armada)

The original project had already been completed by the time I got called in; it was for a ‘redux’ version of the ad. In this version, I simmed rocks rolling along the surface of the monoliths (in LW), and helped fix and set up the Maya scenes for render.

Commercial: China Southern Air

I worked on this with Dominic Taylor who had set up the comps, cameras, and worked with the clients on the direction. I mainly did the flipboard effect. This was quite a challenging and difficult effect to do in Maya. The main driver of the rotations was expressions; the expression were taking their values from […]

Commercial: NSW Communities (Cogs)

This was done a relative quick job for the New South Wales government. They had, in fact, recently come back to us for a ‘phase 2’ ad along the same lines, only the deadline was a bit shorter. The ad was in two parts: the cogs and the town hall scene. I’ll just talk about […]

Commercial: Massey University (A Perfect Example)

Like the name, this commercial is a near-perfect example of this work thread: minor work that tempts itself to be cast aside for being inconsequential. And yet, added together, everything is given its proper recognition. I contributed to the library scene in this commercial. The car driving through the library is obviously real (is it? […]

Commercial: Spark Digital

This was a crazy one, though a bit hard to explain how. If you find that above commercial is somewhat stylistically schizophrenic, then that goes some way in not having to explain a whole lot more. Like many of the works I do, it’s hard to claim substantial ownership, hence the sometimes-lengthy commentary. I contributed […]

Commercial: Jalna

The cg aspect to this — falling blueberries on yoghurt in a pot — was another solo job for me. The final comp was a Flame job, though I always try to get 3d renders as close to the actual colours as possible. There was no pre-production for me as this was just given to […]

Series: The One Winged Bee Called Emily

Only one episode of this aborted series seems to be out on the Internet, which is the video you see above. In fact, three episodes were commissioned and finished; the two other episodes are lurking in someone’s hard drive, and although I could get a copy of it, I don’t think I’m legally authorised to […]

Commercial: Paper Plus

Ah. Paper. Lots of paper. I helped contribute some scenes in this ad when I worked as a freelancer. This was a mixed bag, indeed. Rendered in Maxwell Render, some scenes were in LightWave, and some were in Maya. As a freelancer, I worked as a TD, too, and I helped troubleshoot Maya and LW […]

Commercial: Kirin Mets Gachapin

What a difficult road this project was. This job was won from the strength of another win that was Toyotown:  the director was rather pleased with our abilities, and wanted to work with us again. The Toyotown job had been given to me to lead; and I wanted to prove that a good workflow means […]

Commercial: Spark Light Box

This was a joint effort by Dan McKay and I, with him driving the project from After Effects. My part lay mostly on populating the screens with footage. But there was a particular problem; the clients did not/could not sign off on all the footage, and knowing that in advance, I thought of making the […]