Writing from the glands of scientific theory

His griefs grieve on no universal bones, leaving no scars. He writes not of the heart but of the glands. -W. Faulkner Recently, I’ve been quite busy working on a script narrative for a computer game that I’ve been working on for nearly 2 years now. It’s not the same game that I started out with. Indeed, I have […]

Tokyo Ghoul – 5 Years After

I had started out as a freelance in my previous company, and then a year later, I became a permanent staff as a CG supervisor. A CG supervisor’s responsibilities may encompass many things. Or, inversely, may encompass only a narrow field. This depends on the company’s expectations from the role and the person. As such, some write certain […]

Openbox hotkeys

Hotkey stuff for Ubuntu via Openbox, which seems an interesting tool that I hope to look into more closely in the future. It was quite useful to know how to map LXTask (task manager) to the same combination as Windows. Of course, if I knew that Lubuntu already had a hotkey assigned to it (CTRL+ALT+DEL), […]


I had crossed paths with Linux before. It had appealed to me on several levels. One of them was simplicity. The other was the potential of understanding deeply the tools that I would be using. At one point I dabbled with OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and a few other distros that had been personally recommended to me. […]

Movie short: Damien

Dick. That’s what I did for this short. Yes, I did a dick; a paper dick, a CG paper dick, to be precise. It comes to life after the protagonist draws on a piece of paper; it runs along a man’s shoulder, then up a woman’s skirt, makes a dash for the exit, gets doused […]

I read what you wrote

I read what you wrote, and it didn’t seem much to me; nothing that I couldn’t have thought or written, or in fact, nothing that I haven’t thought, written, and said myself to the empty dumb smiling faces. I am amused at how unimpressive you appear to me, how the words you let dance and […]

User functions FTW

Here I am, few days later talking about user functions in Janus again. Why not? It’s been giving me results and it’s fun to play with — as a TD, I mean. Back at work I wanted to output an RGB matte for multiple instanced object. LW doesn’t have a way to do a scene-based […]

Rollin’ and Tumblin’

I’ve put up a Tumblr account and, finding the system much more pleasant than WordPress, I’ve decided to replace this blog with the new one. Soon to come….   EDIT: this blog stays, but will be geared more to the technical CG outpost. :)

Sandspit Birches

Sandspit Birches, a photo by faulknermano on Flickr. This has got to be one of the few photographs that I really feel privileged to have taken. I wouldn’t claim anything, but I am reminded of Jem Southam when I see this picture.

North View Snells

North View Snells, a photo by faulknermano on Flickr. North facing view of Snells Beach. I don’t think I tonemapped this to hell: goodness knows I dislike myself when I overdo things.