The many faces of Janus

When I typed in that title I wasn’t intentionally alluding to Janus, the Roman god. But it’s cool nonetheless. I’ve been developing Janus for seven or so years, and I’ve faced, time and time again, the difficulty in presenting the Janus in a way that satisfies me – because I think it’s a good concept, […]

For Loops in Janus

In the recent 1.7 release of Janus I’ve implemented For Loops, which is a way to get a looping construct in the Janus context. It’s rather interesting, and it all came because a prospective (Janus) client emailed me one day asking me if it was possible to procedurally tell Janus to replace objects in a […]

Janus 1.7

I’ve just released Janus 1.7 which is a major update since a long time. This cycle started when Mikael Burman, a Technical Supervisor working at Ubisoft Massive looked for a feature where Janus could break out passes without loading the scene in. Well, as it turns out, more than seven years ago, I was wishing […]