WIP 21 Jan 2011 – Body

Rear area; working on the connections
Front area; changed leg design

Re-worked the legs a bit; didn’t like the Case backhoe crane design: just didn’t aesthetically fit in with the rest of the stuff. Now I’m trying to bring all the parts together, resizing stuff, extending portions and creating connective elements. Lots of stuff to be done at this point. Most of the stuff is just block-out and now I’m trying to see how helpful this block-out method is going to be. I just want to bring it to a point where I’ve put every possible blocked-out element and then see just how effective it is. Will I end up re-blocking nevertheless? Would it be better to block a local area first, then detail that area? Or block out the whole model and then detail the whole in another pass?

I think I’m just tired right now. Asking all these stupid questions to myself.

Picked up on Freddie Aguilar. But also listening to the John M. Keane’s CSI soundtrack.