Kerry Logistics’ Video Wall

This project is not classified as a commercial. It was meant to be privately displayed inside the company’s (Kerry Logistics) reception area. It’s a couple of metres high, six times across. Pretty big, if you ask me, though I’m sure there’s always some guy who can pee higher. There always is. Anyway, that’s the reason […]

Commercial: My Tax

My last NZ-based shoot. These were a series of commercials. We shot in around Christchurch in many different locations for several days. Rob McLaughlin was director, and Warwick Wrigley the DOP. This was a great experience working with this crew. In this project I was primarily the on-set visual effects supervisor. Back in the studio, […]

Commercial: Pepsi Emoji

  This project, far in time (relativistically, not relatively, since I’m feeling scientifically pretentious at the moment for no apparent reason I can point out), is but a blur to me. Done primarily by Terry (rendering), I helped by the theoretical workflow and literal rigging of the bottles, including the liquid inside the bottles. The […]