Commercial: Turners Car Auctions

Almost forgot about this one. Probably because I simply rigged the characters here. This was Dan’s job and I was asked to rig about four characters for this campaign. Quite straightforward, especially since this is bread-and-butter stuff for AdvancedSkeleton.

3400AD: Set concepts

These are some of the concepts I’ve been working on which were based on the initial write-up for the idea of the game. The drawings depict several locations that feature heavily in the game, some of which I had no idea how they looked like until I got down to actually drawing them. Each drawing […]

Commercial: Tip Top Popsicle Smoothie

This one was a long, drawn-out schedule. In order to accommodate its numerically-challenged budget, it was thought that the schedule could be extended to several months so that we could put in other jobs in between this one. However, near the end of the schedule, we started picking it up again in earnest, and ended […]