Commercial: Telecom (Jeff the Lizard)

This is a very old (almost 3 years) project. This was a series of animals being interviewed: a lizard, a hairy pig, a sheep, and a possum. I had worked on the lizard, and the pig, too. We said, “just shoot a pig without hair; pigs don’t usually have hairs anyway”. Then, of all the […]

Commercial: TAB (Rollercoaster)

The ad was shot on several locations; an amusement park called Rainbow’s End, in Fort St in Auckland’s CBD, and in the company’s car park set up for greenscreen. One of the more exciting bits of this project is that we employed a drone (carrying a Blackmagic) to shoot the rollercoaster when it was doing […]

Commercial: LJ Hooker

My only contribution to this spot was the still frame of the moustaches. Done in Maya using Maya Fur and Maya Hair. Not much can bee seen from this distance and grade, but it was really nice hair. Trust me. It was nice.

Unity: Waypoint Scanning

First stages in implementing the waypoint scanning behaviour in waypoints. The idea is when a waypoint is reached, and this waypoint instructs the robot to scan, the robot picks up the waypoint’s scan points. Any number of ‘scan points’ can be specified by parenting transforms under the main scan point object of that waypoint. The […]

3400AD: Lookups

So I had been working in Open Office Calc recently, something I didn’t expect to do more than just table up some values and do simple additions. In fact, I got a little deeper than I thought I would. Normally, I would weigh up the worth of learning something new with the practicality of getting […]

3400AD: Player character models

Been doing some modelling over the past few days as a break from coding. Actually, I didn’t really want to break from coding, but I felt that I wanted to go back to visualise the game again. I have to admit that I don’t have a strong theme; I do have a certain style I […]