Unity: ScannerClass

This class was a functionality that I deferred when I was creating the robot’s ‘game’ class. Originally, I had simply used a Raycast to determine LOS; I knew a scanning behaviour was needed, so I coded the robot generically in that respect. The ScannerClass is attached to a scanning object that is parented under the […]

Commercial: Dilmah Green Tea

This is the first project I ever done for my current company (as a freelancer). My contribution, simply, was the RF fluid sim at the end. Dominic wanted to simulate the twisting shape that forms usually at the nozzle of a spout or tap, so he twisted his golden ribbon. I couldn’t get RF to […]

Commercial: Wattyl (Armada)

The original project had already been completed by the time I got called in; it was for a¬†‘redux’ version of the ad. In this version, I simmed rocks rolling along the surface of the monoliths (in LW), and helped fix and set up the Maya scenes for render.

Unity: Waypoint with ‘wait’ behaviour

So here’s some visual aids! The GIF above shows a simple waypoint system with an implicit behaviour system on the NavAgent game object.¬†Currently, there’s only a ‘wait’ behaviour. The waypoints themselves have a WaypointClass which are driving the values in the NavAgent object. The trickiest bit, as usual, was the timing of TimerClass objects, and […]

Unity: TimerClass

Ok, for seasoned (or maybe even not-so-seasoned) Unity developers, this is probably nothing. But I have been childishly happy about this TimerClass I’m trying to implement. It’s simplicity is what makes it exciting. The TimerClass that I’m coding is a self-contained timer whose only requirement is that it is updated per Time.deltaTime; thus it needs […]

Unity and Second Steps

I’ve not been completely been informing this quiet corner of the interwebs of a little venture — equally as quiet — that saw me in the aftermath of shelving Zombots. The (temporary?) abandonment of Zombots was a decision come to all those concerned. If I were honest — and I was — Zombots wasn’t hitting […]

Commercial: China Southern Air

I worked on this with Dominic Taylor who had set up the comps, cameras, and worked with the clients on the direction. I mainly did the flipboard effect. This was quite a challenging and difficult effect to do in Maya. The main driver of the rotations was expressions; the expression were taking their values from […]

Commercial: NSW Communities (Cogs)

This was done a relative quick job for the New South Wales government. They had, in fact, recently come back to us for a ‘phase 2’ ad along the same lines, only the deadline was a bit shorter. The ad was in two parts: the cogs and the town hall scene. I’ll just talk about […]

Commercial: Massey University (A Perfect Example)

Like the name, this commercial is a near-perfect example of this work thread: minor work that tempts itself to be cast aside for being inconsequential. And yet, added together, everything is given its proper recognition. I contributed to the library scene in this commercial. The car driving through the library is obviously real (is it? […]

Commercial: Spark Digital

This was a crazy one, though a bit hard to explain how. If you find that above commercial is somewhat stylistically schizophrenic, then that goes some way in not having to explain a whole lot more. Like many of the works I do, it’s hard to claim substantial ownership, hence the sometimes-lengthy commentary. I contributed […]