Movie: Son Of A Gun

I find it odd looking at a movie poster of this. I think we were the sub-sub-contractor, and we practically did one sequence from this movie: the escape to the helicopter scene, where we created the dust effects. Now where’s my award?

Spot: 7 Days ‘Warning’ (Laser Kiwi)

Ok, this came out of the blue, and while I couldn’t have cared any less for this referendum on the NZ flag, here it was, on my lap. Was given a day to do it, and did it I did. The production client loved it — why not? it’s a laser kiwi! — and off […]

Commercial: Mother Earth Pingos

This is one of those many commercials that I do that best serve as an example of why I started to post these works up. I’ll explain. This commercial is Mother Earth – Pingos, and if we go by the usual way we credit these sorts of works in the commercials industry, I would be […]

Commercial: AUT Discover Possible

There are some jobs that I have contributed a very minor part. And sometimes even those minor parts were eventually culled from the final work, as was the case with this job. One invisible contribution I had was the procedural light bulb animation at the beginning, and the rigging of the multi-legged robot. Again, jobs […]

Commercial: Macquarie’s Bank (Tools/Otter)

In most jobs, I’m glad to be working in the shadows. There are some jobs that I’m really glad to be in the shadows. This is one of them. Let me be clear: when I say I’m glad to be in the shadows, I don’t mean not being associated with the ad; I’m perfectly fine […]

Commercial: Macquarie’s Bank (Hermit Crab)

My contribution to this ad is typical of my usual: bits and pieces everywhere, not claiming to a whole lot, and yet stuck on to it like bees in a hive (funny metaphor methinks). I took HDRs during the shoot and assisted in the vfx supervision. Meanwhile, back in the studio, to the advice of […]

Vignette: Forest Road

About a year ago, a client connected with Toyota requested a bid from the company. Part of that request was a edited compilation of the commercial style they were looking for. It was slick; fast-moving, lots of stylised cinematography. We didn’t get it, and for reasons I never usually know. Yet, it was no surprise; […]

Commercial: James and Wells

I should say this is a “bit of an odd one”, but then I would sound like broken track record, wouldn’t I? Yes, it’s another odd one, internally called JAWS, it was abandoned like a mutant, tossed like a hot potato into the hands of the poor soul who needed to resurrect this dying pig… […]

Commercial: 5 Seeds

This was another sub-contract from Australian vfx vendor. My contribution here was the extension of the trees at the beginning of the ad, which featured apples (real apples either weren’t on season at the time, or that they were apple trees to begin with). We bought some stock trees, I populated them with apples, shaded, […]

Commercial: Toshiba Seriously Japanese 3-poster Ad

This is a 3-part ad that ran on digital posters. The concept of the ad was simply to use the Japanese origami style of folding. Terry and I worked on this series, with him doing the first two (left and middle), and me doing the third. Terry consolidated all the shading in V-Ray, so that […]