Cold Light

The Cold was a short poem I wrote in front of my workstation one night. Fittingly, I wrote it in my code editor. The poem has given me much to remember, and through remembrance it holds me to account for all my present moments. It is where this blog’s name comes from, although at the […]

Did you know? # 2

Sometimes the perspective camera in Maya rotates (ie tumbles/orbits) around its own pivot point when the desired behaviour is to rotate around an object. When pressing ‘f’ does not fix the issue, or when trying to manually reset the centerOfInterest attribute of the camera, the best way to fix this problem is by selecting an […]


As a CG supervisor in a small CG group, I find it part of my job to think of new ways to improve the workflow beyond the scope of the job. Yes, I technically supervise a job, but who technically supervises the group? Indeed, to introduce small improvements after every job is one of the […]