User functions FTW

Here I am, few days later talking about user functions in Janus again. Why not? It’s been giving me results and it’s fun to play with — as a TD, I mean. Back at work I wanted to output an RGB matte for multiple instanced object. LW doesn’t have a way to do a scene-based […]

Janus for Mac

It’s a bit too early to shout out, so I’m whispering here in my little blog about Janus for Mac. I’ve restarted development for the Mac. It basically just took a weekend to hunker down and sort what was going with it. The biggest issue that I came up with was the use of LScript’s […]

User functions revisited

User functions have come back, and what seemed to me at the time an excuse to implement a structure that’s both ambitious (because it wishes to liken itself to Houdini) and hacky (because it ain’t Houdini), seems now to have been vindicated. Talking about user functions is like talking about… well, nothing analogous I can […]