Kitchen / Dining Room Indoor Morning (WIP)

I seem to have a lot of WIPs and no final renders, eh? Hmm…. At any rate, this is the product of a ‘great’ idea to recreate something from a photograph which I took. I can’t show you the photograph in interest for national security (e.g. my wife will not stand for it). And sometimes, […]

Corner and Avenue Lighting Scene (WIP)

So, I recently was working on indoor scene that wasn’t that much fun at all (will post it up later). I got myself an itch, went under the open air, rubbed my chin about the corner, and took a picture there and there. Took the original picture in RAW, colour-graded it in 16-bit, while taking […]

Sandspit Birches

Sandspit Birches, a photo by faulknermano on Flickr. This has got to be one of the few photographs that I really feel privileged to have taken. I wouldn’t claim anything, but I am reminded of Jem Southam when I see this picture.

North View Snells

North View Snells, a photo by faulknermano on Flickr. North facing view of Snells Beach. I don’t think I tonemapped this to hell: goodness knows I dislike myself when I overdo things.