Lighting Scene – Gate (insp. Jem Southam)

One of the on-going projects I started late last year was to absorb as many photographs that I touched me and try to recreate those scenes in CG. I wanted to start with this photograph by Jem Southam (“Landscape Stories”). Southam’s photographs are sublime and my choosing of this particular one was more of restraining […]

Mardonier Poses

Rigged and posed Mardonier. Some screencaps of two poses that I was testing. Pose B, the pose where the pistol is held high, seems, to me, a commonly-seenĀ  pose – path of least resistance and all. So, I’d probably go with Pose A, which seems more low-key. Or I might do something totally different. EDIT: […]

Wep final base mesh

Finished the base model of the weapon that Mardonier is holding. This will be sculpted at a later time. This is closely based on the Croatian HS2000 (marketed in the U.S.A. as Springfield Armory XD). I discovered this pistol through researching point-and-shoot methods, which originated from my reading of Ghost Force by Ken Connors, who […]

Mardonier (WIP) 9 March 2011

So, what the hell have I been doing all this time? For starters, I finally quit my teaching job – a risky move, which might be construed to be a bold decision, or if time convicts, a dumb play. There it is, I suppose. Of course, the reason why I quit was simple: want to […]