WIP 21 Jan 2011 – Body

Re-worked the legs a bit; didn’t like the Case backhoe crane design: just didn’t aesthetically fit in with the rest of the stuff. Now I’m trying to bring all the parts together, resizing stuff, extending portions and creating connective elements. Lots of stuff to be done at this point. Most of the stuff is just […]

What I was up to…

As I said I was pretty busy a few days doing my reel. The video below is DBX; I created this model in 2009, but did this scene on and off for the whole of 2010 while I was teaching in Lifeway. DBX Forest from Lernwel Ang on Vimeo. For the reel I added new […]

WIP 12 Jan 2011 – Arm and Gun

Last few days have been busy, but not busy with my WIPs. I was trying to get a new cut of my reel out to DNEG has I heard they had some imminent openings. I wanted to send my 2010 reel, but my wife wisely – she’s always wise – to include at least DBX. […]

WIP 06 Jan 2011 – Browning M2

I think I ended up with too much detail based on my initial idea. I think the problem is that, unlike production, I don’t have a modelling end goal; there is no particular shot I’m modelling for so it’s tempting to load the model with details. When I was modelling I was maintaining edge sharpness […]

WIP 04 Jan 2011 – Browning M2

The ubiquitous Browning M2 is used in many countries, and the Philippines is one of them. The M2 is mounted on both vehicles and helicopters. For Dante I’ve decided that I’m getting rid of the rotary saw and convert the robot into a gun platform, putting in a slew of M2’s (dual?) on the arms […]

WIP 04 Jan 2011 – Arm

I figured I should just redesign the arm as well. Pulled off some pictures of drilling rigs and designed the shoulder based off that. Right now they’re just the usual blocked-out geometry, but it should be easy enough to detail. Speaking of detail, I spent a day and a half coding a script that would […]