WIP 01 Jan 2011 – Leg

Yup: here comes the leg. Had initial design hesitations not knowing what to make of it. The problem I have, and it was the same problem I had back when I was doing the movie, was proper scaling and believable parts. That’s why the robots in the movie looked more Mechwarrior than Resiklo; it was […]

WIP 26 Dec 2010 – Hip

Redesigned the hip area. Been mulling about this for quite some time and I figured that the closest thing to a hip I can think of is a wishbone type independent suspension for each hip. Placed surrounding frame bars around the engine and then attached the suspension system in the most stable way; I actually […]

WIP 26 Dec 2010 – Dante Torso

Started on the torso a week ago and just continuing it now. Modified my Pipe script to create, en masse, the tubing. Saved me loads of time. Spent lots of time working out how the the two arm engines were bolted into the body structure. Still need to iron things out; this includes the hip […]

WIP 24 Dec 2010 – Engine

Done with this engine – for now (until I reassess it again when I put it in context with the rest of the robot). Total polys: 27163; subpatches: 13080. Have to consider this done and get on with the rest of the robot. The problem with references of the C240 was, just as many other […]

WIP 22 Dec 2010 – Engine

Work-in-progress: started this engine about three days ago. Blocked out forms first (dark grey surfaces) and then recently started doing some initial detailing. Mix of subd and poly surfaces. Getting my old modelling speed back, thanks to Pearl Jam and Audioslave. Below is the reference engine: Isuzu C240, an engine type commonly used by jeepneys […]

Recyling Resiklo

Back in 2007 I worked on a Philippine feature film called Resiklo, which was about humans fighting off an alien invasion using technology that utilised ‘recycled’ objects; hence, resiklo, the Filipino word for ‘recycle’. Locally, it received its modest share of praise (I’d like to draw to your attention the Visual Effects award it garnered). […]